Social Distancing!

Aren’t you getting tired of the phrase? it’s everywhere.I chuckle to myself every time I say it, but I also am really, really thankful I know so many people putting in the time to work for their fellow man in this way. Almost every customer at market jokes with me about how we can’t get too close-and POOR HANK. Hank, who lives for human contact, has spent the past month in a state of befuddled disgruntlement. Greeting folks through the car window JUST WON’T DO.
But, we prevail. I know I, and my fellow vendors, are humbled by your continuing efforts to keep farmer’s markets going at all costs. It is something special for us that, at this time, we don’t have to be afraid that our livelihoods will founder, and the community created here is almost too important to express.
So, thank you for social distancing-for my parents and immunocompromised friends-and also thank you for understanding your honey purchase does so much more than put honey on your toast. xoxo

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