It’s Swarm Season!

The absolute bananas pace of beekeeping will never stop amazing me. Come along on this trip:When it rains for a while and then you get a gorgeous sunny day (=every minute of this Spring) honeybees want to swarm (you see swarms in the form of clumps of bees on your porch or in a tree this time of year.) It’s a totally natural thing; it’s how the colony reproduces. The catch is, EVERYTHING HAPPENS AT ONCE.

Yesterday, I was heading to my main apiary for a quickie check on a few boxes when I spotted this swarm in my yard! They were very accommodating and in a small tree, so I simply built them a hive in the apiary, grabbed my step ladder, and got on to the business of capturing them. Catch #1: The swarm landed in an (empty) bird’s nest-like a grassy bowl of bees!Catch #2: While I was scooping out my nest of bees, a friend called me to let me know she had a swarm in her front yard!Catch #3: I am running out of woodenware to make new hives!

Ever the optimist, I pour my birdnest bees into their new hive and drive across town to capture swarm #2 of the day-also accommodating, under some low brush. WIN

My Sanatoga apiary has doubled in size this Spring, which means honey for you. Now, I am off to purchase more woodenware!